V Cards 2 – you’re now vegan in 100 languages!

V Cards 2 is now available on the App Store! Now with over 100 translations of how to say you’re vegan when travelling!

About V Cards

V Cards started as a printable PDF produced by Mike; Ben used them on a trip to Morocco and quickly realised it’d make a great app. After talking over Skype they decided to partner up to make V Cards for iOS!

Mike is based in San Diego, US, and curates a list of fully vegan businesses around the areas with his VeganDiego directory and setup V Cards in 2010 to help travellers promote vegan living. Mike predominantly keeps the translations updated and improved based on users feedback.

A word from Mike:

Vegan since 1997, I created V Cards to ensure cruelty-free meals when traveling. Google Translate got me started, but I rely greatly on native speakers to improve the results.

Ben, based in Brighton, UK, runs a digital product studio, creating apps that improve the customer and employee experience. He’s been vegan since 2011.

Ben got involved in V Cards because:

Travelling whilst vegan can prove the most frustrating time for those living a plant-based diet. Whilst it’s safest to find a fully vegan restaurant, many countries don’t have any to offer. V Cards helps give you peace of mind wherever you are in the world you can still eat vegan, and help educate along the way!

Mike and I now can correct and add to the translations without updating the app – if you find an issue with a translation just let us know by tapping share then the feedback option.

Whenever you open the app it’ll update, and don’t worry, it still works offline!

We’ve brought in iPhone X and iPad support, a new icon and app design,  improved how the translations are displayed, honouring the left to right / right to left text script for the language and have a few new features coming over the next few months.

Stay tuned and thanks again!

– Mike Weinberg & Ben Collier

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